Thursday, 4 May 2017

MIDHS May Newsletter

MIDHS Monthly Newsletter

MIDHS New Addition!
Our Head Dental Nurse; Kadie is exited to announce she's having a baby boy! Due September 2017.

Our Team is going to
The Dentistry Show is shaping up to be yet another unmissable event, with an expected figure of 12,000 visitors offering diverse learning opportunities for all members of the dental team and an outstanding line-up of internationally renowned speakers, TWO of which WE have sponsored to speak about our unique Vision Interdental Brushes.
The team will get the chance to network with other dental professionals; sit in on tailored, high quality and cutting edge education programmes as well work on the Vision stand alongside 8,000 other exhibiting dental professionals from across the UK, teaching exhibitors about our distinctive and effective interdental brushes and explaining why they differ from EVERY other brand.

Smile Month
The aim of National Smile Month is to ultimately improve the UK’s oral health. Organised by oral health charity, the Oral Health Foundation, the campaign hopes to raise awareness of important health issues, and make a positive difference to the oral health of millions.
With the help and enthusiasm of those who are passionate about health and wellbeing, National Smile Month 2017 hopes to see thousands of events and activities up and down the UK educate and engage local communities about the importance of a healthy mouth.

Get The Daily Mail Newspaper This Month!
Our specially designed Vision Perio Interdental brushes will have a Special Feature in the national press this month. Keep an eye out for us in The Daily Mail. There will be special offers including a TWO FOR ONE discount, as well as information on why our interdental brushes differ significantly from other brands and how they can help improve your oral hygiene in a matter of days!




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For every Like & Share  we will donate £1.00 to Dentaid who supply equipment, training, and oral health services to hospitals, clinics, and dentists in the developing world.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

April Monthly Newsletter



Dr Richard Malloch has joined the team at MIDHS LTD. He is a very experienced prosthetic and restorative dentist, He is a senior lecturer and instructor, both nationally and internationally on Professor Tipton’s courses. He is highly skilled in placing implants and restoring beautiful healthy teeth. He has recently completed an additional postgraduate Diploma in Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics.

1. Practice Careful Sweet Selection
Limit your consumption of sweets that are sticky or gummy. While caramels, and jelly beans are tasty, it’s better for you to indulge your sweet tooth with chocolate or other treats that will not stick to your teeth as easily.
2. Don’t Graze
Munching on sweet snacks all day long is not only hard on your waistline, but it is also hard on your teeth. Eat your sweet treats with a meal.
3. Rinse
Experts explain that brushing immediately after eating a sugary snack can do more damage than good. Dentists recommend simply rinsing your mouth with water after eating a sweet treat. Plain water helps the saliva do the job of neutralizing the pH of the mouth.
4. Chew Sugarless Gum
Chewing sugarless gum after your Easter meal can help your saliva glands get to work neutralizing the acids in your mouth. It will also help remove food particles from your teeth.


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Great meeting -periodontal specialist Philip Greene president of the Periodontal group BSP and advisors gave us a great meeting. International speakers wall to wall, so glad we went. There was a lot of interest in the Vision Perio Brush. Improved results for patients and long lasting. The mini Vision impressed many too.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Direct access to dental care professionals!

This is a message from BSDHT president Sally
I am delighted to let you know that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT)  published it’s report -  Dentistry, an OFT market study, on Tuesday this week.
The report was commissioned back in September 2011 and the research team has spent the last eight months gathering evidence from stakeholders, including BSDHT, plus patient groups, dental professionals, organisations and regulators.  This process also included 3,400 face to face interviews.  The Society was one of the groups that participated in discussions on direct access along with other key groups.
Key recommendations and actions of the report are:
Reform of the NHS dental contract in England to facilitate greater competition.
  1. Improved provision of information to facilitate active, informed patient choices.
  2. Improved patient access to redress and a simpler complaints system.
  3. Direct access to dental care professionals.
Please contact me if you want to know more!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Hi, this is my first Blogg and I hope it will develop and prove of interest to my followers.  My colleague hygienists tell me I am a pioneer in the profession as I have served and spoken to and for the hygienist association, developed a periodontal brush and opened my own periodontal referral practice.
The reason for this history is to give you an idea that I am devoted to my profession, the job I do and this means to my patients and those to become my patients. You might have noticed a poster about spitting blood when you brush your teeth is a warning, and so it is.  About one in ten people develop serious gum disease in middle or later life if not before. Apart from causing tooth loss there are links to heart disease and bowel cancer as well as to lower birth weight babies. My promise is I will stop your bleeding gums or return your fees. That promise means you don't lose your teeth and your money! See me at